Sunday, November 6, 2011

Green eyed monter!

I am usually pretty understanding of things.  I try hard to be nice, cooperative, and to share...really I do.  But this past month has just pushed my limits.  Another has been too busy with her spotted horse, I have not gotten enough time!  Then to top it off there are cows in my pasture who think I should share my hay with them, a couple of charges and swift kicks changed their minds.
Another takes her spotted horse to clinics and out on trail rides.  Then he comes back to the pasture and brags about how he is all that and a bag of chips...makes me upset.  I made it very clear to Another that I am not happy with the situation.  She comes out to see me, I turn my butt to her and walk off.  I know that makes her feel really bad.  I am not sure, other than making her feel bad, I am getting the results I want.  I want her to try to win my affections back.  She just stops, waits, tells me when I am ready she will be there for me and then she leaves the pasture.  I am thinking I may have to cave and let her know I see her waiting for me and I really want to go with her and play.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sshhhh, I have a secret

Another and I have a big secret.  I have been keeping it for a bit now, but it is so hard!
She saddled me with the big saddle again one day and was working with me.  I was super good, in fact the best ever!  When she stepped up on the cement pad that goes into the barn I lined myself right up so she could get on.  I gave her my best puppy dog eyes and kept nosing my stirrup.  She told me to wait a minute and went into the barn to get her helmet.  I didn't move an inch, I wanted her to know I was serious.  She came back out with her helmet on and put her foot in the stirrup like she was going to get on.  I didn't move...I was relaxed and licking my lips. I kept waiting for her to swing her leg over, but she just kept laying over the saddle and banging the off-side stirrup and rubbing all over me.  She stepped back on the pad and told me how good I was.  I nudged her with my nose, I really wanted her to get on.  She put her foot in the stirrup, took a calming breath, threw her leg over and sat down.  I stood very still, I was afraid I might worry her if I moved.  We stood there for a bit and then she got off.  She was so pleased with me.
She says as soon as I am consistent at yielding when asked we can go for a short ride. But for now I have taken a big step forward!
"It's the little things that make a big difference"