Friday, July 22, 2011

New Game

Another has been playing a weird game with me lately.  She puts my halter on me, puts the lead rope over my neck, and then we walk together.  She isn't using the rope to tell me where to go, she is using her motions.  When she stops she takes the rope and rubs me all over with it.  Then she tosses it over my neck and we walk some more.  The problem with this game is it has taken all the fun out of my "squirrel" act.  What is the point if the is no rope to tear out of her hand or she just goes with me when I take off.
We have had several nice relaxing walks.  I have had my head down, not been wound tight like a spring, and I love the scritches that come with walking nicely by her.  Maybe Washington isn't so bad after all.  Although she can quit calling me Turtle any time now!
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great success

Another spent yesterday at RCER's Horse Daze.  It is one of the main fundraising events for the horse rescue that she is a board member of.
Two years ago this group help save a little horse that had been abandoned and running in the Yakima River Canyon for several months.  This mare wanted nothing to do with humans, she was abused, afraid, and defensive.  This group surrounded her with all the support she needed.  Her name is Freedom's Lady and Another adopted her after she had spent time with her for rehab, Another wanted to make sure she would aways be safe. 
This is Free's first public appearance and she did a great job!  Another is so proud of the horse she has become and the bright future she has ahead of her.  Freedom's Lady now has her own special lady and is training to be an endurance horse.
Another has me surrounded with the same supports that she put in place for Freedom's Lady.  Another promises me that one day I will be making a public appearance to show what a special horse I am too.  She has promised me I will always be safe, that she will make sure of that...I guess that makes me something like her horse.  I still want my own person and am working on that.
Another says I have a bright future ahead of me too!
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hope to see you there

Back home

Another is home from her adventure on the mountain.  She had a good time wrangling riders and doing lots of riding.
Another thinks I would like being in a place like that...I am not so sure about that.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off on an adventure

Another is off to Sun Mountain Riding Stables for a few days.  She is going to play wangler and help lead trail rides.  I will miss her, but I know she will always return home to me.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, July 8, 2011

Public Service Announcement!

"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Thursday, July 7, 2011


So Another has taken to calling me turtle.....  I am telling you Red she is one strange human.  Can you imagine how silly she would look riding a turtle?  She seems to think if I am called turtle I might slow down some, take time to think, become wise.  Well I am quick, can make a decision faster than you can blink an eye, and I am often too smart for my own good.
Of course if I was a turtle I could do tricks like this. Another could not complain, after all she is the one who wants me to act like a turtle.

Of course my pasture would be belly deep if I was a turtle.  The cookies Another gives to me would be a whole day's meal.  Hmmm, maybe this turtle business wouldn't be so bad.  I guess maybe I should slow down and think on this a bit-hey I am acting like a turtle.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

It is true I will wear silly outfits for treats.  Actually I like playing games with Another, she gets so tickled with me.  I can make her smile, laugh, and that makes me feel good.
I don't even mind when the banner waves while it hangs on me.  I hope the banner of this country waves for a long, long time.
Best part about playing dress-up is the super dooper scritches that I get.
I am happy, staying a good weight, and being the best boy I can be.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New friends!

I have two new friends!  Smoke and Paul, they are very nice, but expect a lot from me.  Smoke came and ponied around my pasture while Paul sat on him.  I tried some shenanigans but Smoke pinned his ears, stomped his foot and that was the end of them.  I walked and trotted with Smoke, he even had me doing turns. Smoke then decided he would see how I would behave in the alley since that is a big problem spot for me.

Not only was I good in the alley, I was brave and looking good.  Smoke then said "Kiddo we are going out the gate and around to the arena."  I just followed right along like the good horse that Another says I am. We got in the arena and I had a squirrel moment and ran a bit silly.  Smoke and Paul said it was okay because I had done such a big task and needed to blow off nerves. 
Paul then worked with me on the ground while Smoke supervised.  I was a rock star.  Another was given homework to do, that is funny-a principal with homework.  I even wore a bit!

I took the bit willingly and didn't even try to nip while it was being put in.  Paul told Another to have me wear the bit loosely in my mouth for a few times.  That way I can work my tongue over the top of it and get it back under while I get used to wearing it.  I guess I am on my way to being a saddle horse now.
While I was standing by Smoke he told me that he used to act just like me when Paul first got him, in fact he had some extra tricks that I don't know.  He explained that he was much happier living peacefully with his humans, it is less work.  I thought about going home with him.
I even went partially into the trailer right next to him.  I did that several times, Paul never asked me to come all the way in so I didn't.  I am also not sure that Another is ready for me to leave and hang out with my new friend.
Smoke says he will come back and play some more.  Paul says I can come for a visit at Dos Arroyos Ranch.  Another is thinking about letting me have a slumber party at Smoke's house.
It was a good time-I got "Smoked" and Smoke got "mirrored" a bit.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Smoke is going to meet mirrors

This is Smoke wearing Another's saddle, standing beside a regular sized horse trailer.  He is huge according to Another and does not put up with shenanigans.  His hooves are the size of dinner plates and he can aim with deadly accuracy.
Humans use the term "smoke and mirrors" to talk about a technique used to confuse others.  Well he may be smoke, but I am going to be mirrors.  I don't care how big he is...I will show him that I am always the boss. Another tells me that I have to learn that humans are the boss and that sometimes other horses are the boss.  I let Another tell me what to do most of the time.  I do that because she listens to me, makes things clear, and is fair.  How do I know that Smoke and Paul will be the same?  Another tells me they will be, but I have learned not to count on what people say.
The showdown is at 6:00 today.  Another is going to be there for moral support and to help me understand what is expected.  She is hoping that I will show Paul the horse that she knows I am, not the one I pretend to be.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, July 1, 2011

Names matter

Another believes that you should be very wise in naming your horse, or child for that matter.  She thinks you should not ask for trouble when giving a horse its name.  Names like Buck, Bam, Trigger, Dusty, Lightening, Thunder, and Remington are some that should be avoided.  Her horse trainer is also a strong believer in this, so much so that Another had to change her horse's name before he would work with it.  The horse was named Panicanik after her grandfather's ranch.  Another shortened it to Panic...not a good idea.  The horse lived up to that name and then some.  When her name was change to Niki things went much better for her.
My given name was Zeus, king of the gods.  Here is a little information on the mighty king.
Zeus, Greek God of the Sky:
As ruler of the sky, the Greek god Zeus was responsible for bringing (or not, if he so chose) rain, drought, and thunderstorms. No one dared challenge the authority of the mighty Zeus since he was prone to release his fearsome thunderbolts to express his displeasure . . . an awesome way to keep the peace and maintain order, but it worked for several centuries!

Well some of that sounds familiar.  My name was changed to Quincy after I came to live with the people who run HRHR.  That name means fifth born.  Now whether that is true of me or not I do not know.  What I do know is that I want to be first, the boss, and listened to at all times.  Another says that I am getting ready for a new name, one that tells who I really am.  She has a name that keeps coming to mind "Dichali" which means speaks a lot.  I think it might fit me well after all I have a lot to say.  I am thinking that I might give another a new name too.  Hoka Hey-pay attention-might be good, then I know she will always attend to me which is as it should be!
I hope Smoke shows up tomorrow with his game on...I am ready for him.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"