Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had to wear a saddle last night!  I was not happy about it at all, Another was not sympathetic in the least.  So I tried to nip while getting saddled, that got me a big scare when she roared at me like a bear and made me move.  I stood pretty well after that to get cinched.  Another asked the SCC  to hold my halter so I couldn't try to nip or move.  If I moved a step he put some pressure on the halter knot on the side I moved and scooted me right back.  I ended up getting cinched up and wearing an English saddle.  Another told me not to complain because it wasn't her big western saddle.
I did complain when she lunged me, I shook my head and gave her the stinky face...she didn't care.  I threw a fit, she just smiled and told me to grow up that I am not a baby.
I noticed she had the short rope, I like it when humans have the short rope because the "Lunge" never fails.  So I was going to Lunge and show Another who really was boss!  I swear she is a witch, before each time I was getting ready to take off she pulled my head around.  Now how am I supposed to brace and run if my head is turned into the center of the circle?  Well something else to ponder at the pondering pole...
Another scored another 40 million points yesterday.  I am falling way behind.  Of course maybe it isn't so bad loosing because at the end of this session I was paid off by this...super duper SCC scritches!
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Another tells me that I need to mellow a bit before Saturday.  On Saturday Smoke is coming along with a person named Paul.  I am not sure what the big deal about Smoke is all about.  I have seen smoke before, in fact a whole list of different types: fire, cigarette, contrails in the sky, steam, and the invisible smoke that emanates from humans when I upset them.  So what if he is a big horse, so am I...maybe I will show him just how big I am.
Another tells me that this smoke is special and will help me learn to be a better horse around humans.  Okay, another thing to be sceptical about.
Tonight I got in a bit of a pickle for crowding Another's space.  She only wants me in her bubble, which is three feet, if she invites me.  If I go in and am not invited she makes me back up and do so in a hurry.  I also thinks she reads my mind.  Several times she has told me "Q you are having evil thoughts, think something else right now." and she makes me move.  Boy I am not getting any points in the "make them move their feet" game.  I think I am about 50 million points behind.  Maybe the next time I am at the pondering post I will ponder how to get some points.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Quincy's request....

I would like to ask the humans who read this blog to take a look at Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue's  webpage please.  There are some wonderful horses there waiting for their forever homes.  Please tell others you know about these horses, they deserve loving homes.
While I am only being fostered here by Another, she told me I can stay as long as I want and I get to pick my next person...what is she going to do if I pick her?  You see it is like I do have a home, my human just doesn't know it yet.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pondering pole...

 Here I am at the pondering pole.  I was not very happy to be there.  Another tells me that it is important that I learn to relax and stand patiently.  She also says I need to not fight pressure on my halter.  I am good about being tied, but not good about standing quietly.  So I danced, pawed, and tried to untie myself.

 I even tried to push the pondering post over.  That post was not moving at all.  I was stymied at every turn.

I even gave Another the "I can not believe you are going to treat me like this face", it didn't work.  Another did her chores and kept an eye on me.  I kept an eye on her and every time she looked my way I pouted.  I did not like this at all!  Finally I just stood there  I knew that I was not going to get loose and Another was sticking by her guns.  As soon as I was still for a bit Another came and turned me loose.
This is the lip that I gave to Another when she was walking me back to get my treats.  I hope it made her feel really bad.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, June 24, 2011


Another does a lot of pondering.  Often she does it while sitting in a pasture or riding one of the horses.  She says that it is important to take time to breath and think.  Another says that it is also time for me to start learning to ponder. 
What do I need to ponder about?  Another says I need to ponder about slowing down, being with my human (but then again who is my human?), most of all I need to ponder about giving to pressure.  So I am going to the pondering post to learn that I can do all of those things.  While I am there Another reads a book and hums.  All of this is to get me ready to pony off another horse.  Seems that I will be having a visitor soon.  Smoke will be coming to help me learn to pony.  Smoke is a big draft horse and I won't be able to pull him around.  Once I get the hang of it then Another will use one of her smaller horses to pony me with.  Seems that it is important that I learn to move from pasture to pasture without being a squirrel. 
I wonder how long I will have to ponder?  Hey, that was pondering wasn't it?  See I am already practicing.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Where has she been?

I haven't seen Another since Thursday night.  While my treat buckets arrived every day like she promised, they were not brought by her.  She finally came back tonight and personally brought me my treats.  I let her know that I was very unhappy about her being gone so long.  I walked to my treat bowl nicely and waited for her to dump them in.  I then pawed my bowl, gave my "I am so not pleased" tail swish, and wouldn't smooch her. 
Another explained why she was gone.  It seemed like she had a good reason, but how can I trust her not to leave forever?  How do I know that I won't be forgotten?  Another said she would come spend the day with me tomorrow.  She says that we will come to an understanding about how things will be between us.
This photo is of my you can see the hair is growing in, just like Another said it would.  It seems that if she tells me something that is the way it is.  While I am still sceptical of things I am beginning to trust her more and more.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not the way the day was planned

The plan was that I would get my teeth done and then follow that up with a nice pedicure.  Good things that plans are changeable.
I met the equine dentist, he was a very nice man.  However I just was not ready to get my teeth done.  I lost my brain heading down the alley.  Sedation did not even make a difference.  I did get further down the alley and did it in finer form than I ever have to date.  While Another was disappointed she did say it was another learning opportunity for both of us.  She also gathered some more information about some of what is going on with me.
There were two farriers out today.  The lady did my feet and the gentleman held me and rubbed my face.  I was told I have very nice feet and that they have been well taken care of.  Another was very pleased at how I responded to them.  She said that the way I acted she would have thought that I had been around them a lot.
All three of my new human friends said I am a good boy, not mean at all.  They all also agree with Another that I have been taught to have some very bad behavior. 
There is a plan in the works to help me learn not to challenge the lead line....I worry when Another plans, it usually means more work for me.
All-in-all Another told me it was a productive day.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Say ahhhhh

Good morning!
Today I have an appointment with the equine dentist.  He is going to make my smile lovely.  Another says he is a really nice man, I will reserve judgement on that.  She says he will give me a shot that will make me feel woozy, calm, and happy while he works on my teeth.  I don't know how calm I am supposed to be with someones hands in my mouth.
After my teeth are done I get my feet done by Another's favorite farrier.  My toes are getting a bit long and a nice trim will make it easier to teleport...errr I mean walk nicely when I am working with Another.
After my foofing I am going to be put in a pasture with Sir Darby.  We both have to watch our weight and we have a bit of history that is similar.
Another says this is a big test for me...she is asking me to walk all over the ranch.  She also told me she believes I can do it, I just have to decide I will.  Another told me about the horse she sees in me, she says that it is up to me to be that horse because I will be happier.  She says it is who I really am but I buried him deep inside long ago and that when I let the real Q-tip shine through I am awesome.  I know she is right.  When I am my real self I am something and soooo happy.  She also told me that once I am my real self I get to pick a new name.  I wonder what I should be called then?
Well off to get mentally ready for this test.  No squirrel routine or teleporting for me today.  I don't want to let Another down.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Until breakfast

"Doesn't matter to me how long he needs, I'll be here until breakfast if that's what it takes." ~Buck Brannaman

Another practices this statement much to my irritation.  She never starts anything with me if she doesn't have the time it takes to finish it. 
Working on my treat manners has taken up to an hour on occasion.  Once I learned that she would wait my tantrum out I stopped.  I thought I would give the tantrum another try yesterday, I haven't had a treat tantrum for two weeks, I thought I might be able to get it sooner with a good fit.  No such luck...she made me walk farther and stand nicely before I could have my treat.  Then when I made a snotty face and pinny ears after she gave it to me she took it away and made me walk some more.  She insists I remember my proper treat manners.  I thought that maybe I could give her my irresistible look, no dice.  Another told me "Q the irresistible force has met the immovable object, so just use your manners."  I decided that my treats were worth having manners for and did as asked.  In fact tonight I was a perfect gentle man and got my treats much faster.
She is setting aside two days to work on my Arab teleporting trick next week.  She said that she has all week 24/7 if needed.  I wonder if she means it...would she really stay at it 24/7 if she had too?  I did hear from the horses that she has spent the night out at the ranch in the winter with a sick horse, so maybe she really would.  Another told me that for me to get a forever home I have to learn to lead nicely and not do my "squirrel" routine.  For some reason it seems that it is important to humans that I pay attention to them when I am on the lead.  I try, but things are just so interesting out there and humans can be boring.  Another has taken to making odd noises, sudden movements, and waving stuff at me to make me pay attention to her at all times.  I wish Red could see her when she flaps and makes chicken seems people in Washington are weird.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stinky Face....

Today Another planned on putting me in a pasture with a friend.  I am not sure why I needed to move since they put a horse next door to me.  Another said I would like having a friend.  I was busy trying to impress the horse next door so I wasn't listening to anything she said.
Another took me out to the alley so we could make our way to the new pasture.  I walked good for a bit and then I lost my mind.  Deep grass, horses to sniff, deep grass, a wheel barrow, and deep grass.  Yep I pulled a few shenanigans the Another made her "stinky face" at me.  I managed to escape her, she was using the short line-I never can escape on the long line.  I threw a bit of a tantrum, okay a big spoiled brat tantrum, about having to go back to the old pasture.  Another made me do some tasks when I got back to the pasture.  She wanted me to pay attention to her and forget about the grass and other horses.  She says we have work to do with me paying attention to her at all times.  Another says that loosing my mind is not a good thing.
Another also felt that maybe I was being asked to deal with too much.  Horses being moved, our first walk about outside the pasture, and the tempting grass.  Then she remember what Temple Grandin said at a conference, "Bad behavior is bad behavior and there are no excuses."
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do I look like a doll?

Do I look like a dress-up doll?  Why didn't anyone tell me before I was sent here that Another makes her horses play dress-up?  She makes them wear hats, silly ears, butterfly wings, and all other types of stuff.  She started in on me with a ribbon, she is threatening butterfly wings next.  What is a horse to do?  I guess it is okay, after all I get scritches and a treat tub every day.
Two more days in my singleton pasture and my QT is up.  I will then be joining Salty the Wonder Horse and Coelho.  I am looking forward to friends.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tonight my treats were late.... Another was at meetings and couldn't bring them out to me.  Her husband and Mushboy were in charge of my treats.  Mushboy was in drivers ed until 6:00, so that was why my treats were late. But just like Another promised there will always be a treat bowl.
Her husband, the horses call him the SCC (support crew chief) remembered to put my treats in the black tub for me.  He also gave me scritches.  He complemented me on my manners.  I did not mug him at the gate, walked with him to my tub, when I got excited I backed out of his space when he signaled me to, and best of all I waited patiently while he dumped my treats into my black tub.  Another was very pleased with his report on my behavior.
I am turning into a true gentleman.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saddle pad and surcingle

I did a bit of showing off the other day.  I was unfazed by the saddle pad and surcingle that Another put on me. She thought that I may not appreciate having something snugged up on my belly.  I am trying to do everything she asks with a good demeanor so she should have known I would be good. 
The only possibly naughty thing I did when she worked with me was try to make a break for the belly deep grass in the alleyway.  Another said that was her fault because she left the hot wire down and she should have known better. She says I don't miss a thing, that I am so smart she is going to have to really keep an eye on the little things that might distract me or lead me astray.
I am going to move into a pasture with friends on Saturday.  Another is going to spend the day at the ranch making sure it all goes smoothly.  She also says that she is going to put a saddle on me next week.
She said that I get all A's on my report card, whatever that is.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shadow Dancing

Another came out with her husband this afternoon.  I mooched scritches from her husband, he is a good scritcher.  Another also gave me a different tub to eat treats out of.  I kept dumping my bucket, I don't like sticking my head in it to eat.  It took a few times to get my point across to Another but she finally understood what what I was asking.
This afternoon she put a saddle pad and surcingle on me.  It was absolutely a non-event.  I lunged with them on and was very good doing so.  Another and I then played what she calls "Shadow Dancing".  I did the best ever at it today.
My rear is getting better, Another says I should start growing hair soon.  Next weekend I may get to go to the arena for a play day.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Q & A so far

I continue to be so pleased by Quincy.  He is so smart and loving.  Quincy has been working hard on walking quietly beside me when I take his treats out to the pasture.  He had been backing up in front of me, dancing around, and trying to hurry me.  Now he will walk beside me, stop when I stop, and waits patiently for me to set his bucket down.
Quincy wants attention all of the time.  He craves it to the point that he will often crowd a person to get it.  He is learning that crowding will not get him the scritches that he wants.  When he stands at a respectful space he will get his scritches and loves. 
I have started putting blue goo on his rear.  Horseman's Dream Veterinary Cream is really good at helping keep his bare skin from sunburning or cracking.  I do not use a halter on Quincy when I doctor him, apply fly spray, or clean his feet.  He does have a pattern that he wants his feet done in.  Front left, right hind, right front, and left hind is the preferred order.  Try and clean his feet in a different order and it bothers him, small change for me to make to have him stand nicely.
The detox he has been on has helped greatly with the flakiness of his coat.  He has one more week of that to go.  His demeanour is calm and he responds well to new people.  He ignores the ranch dog, except for the time that he thought the dog might be hurting my son-then he just came over to me and asked for help.  His weight is holding well, he was 1,053 this evening.
Tomorrow we are going on a walkabout and possibly put on a saddle blanket and cinch him up with a surcingle
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tenderly please...

Another tells me I am a big lap dog.  I am not a dog, I know that for sure.  She went on to explain it to me, "Quincy you would sit in my lap if you could, you want to get just as close as you can"
Well I am too big to sit in her lap, but she is right about wanting to be as close as I can.  I love attention, I want to be touched, I would like it if she would just lean on me.  It seems that because of my size and zealousness that can worry people.  So Another is helping me remember to not crowd and to wait for an invitation to enter a humans space.  It seems that humans have a need for more space than horses, so I am trying hard.  I was very easy for me to remember with the little girl who visited because she was so small.  Another suggests that I just realize that all humans are small compared to me and to be tender.
Tonight I walked at Another's side as she went out in the pasture to set down my treat tub.  Usually I back, walk around her, or get jiggy while she takes out my treat.  Tonight I just walked calmly beside her and waited politely while she put down my tub.  She didn't walk out near as far, I wonder if it had to do with me being tender?  I also have not been doing any pinny ears to try and hurry up my tub.  Another says that I am become quite the gentleman.  She says we are going on a walkabout tomorrow.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Small

Another came back!  She said she would and she did.  I also got my treats the two days she was gone, just like she said I would.  I am beginning to be less sceptical.
This evening she brought out her grand daughter.  She was so small, I needed to try and make myself as small as I could so she wouldn't be nervous.  I enjoyed having her scritch me, give me a nice brushing, and I even got some extra special treats.
I am still getting used to Another sitting when she is around me. I am not sure what to make of someone not using their full size to try and make me do what they want.  I am learning with her that a look, gesture, or softly spoken word can have as much if not more power than a heavy hand or loud voice.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"