Monday, May 30, 2011


Here is Mushboy grooming me.  I really enjoy my grooming sessions.  Sometimes, because I have a thick mane, a knot gets a bit pulled.  I just raise my head to let him know and then lower it again.  Another says I am always very careful around people and she appreciates that.
Another is going up to see her spotted horse at rehab, he is at Sun Mountain Lodge, so the Horse Guardian will be giving me my treats.  Another explained it was important she go and that she is making sure I don't miss my treats.  She promised me when I came there would always be a treat bucket-I guess I will see if she means it.
She will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday so I will have two very quiet days.  I am enjoying my pasture and the horses around me.  It is peaceful here.  I have a mated pair of Mallard ducks who come to my pasture each evening along with two doves that make the ranch their home.  I also have a whole group of people who think I am wonderful, I am beginning to feel like a rock star.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Another was telling me about Memorial Day.  She says that many brave humans and animals have given up their lives to ensure our freedom.  Freedom is why I am in a safe home.  Freedom is why I am able to graze in peace.  Freedom is why I have so many people who love and care for me.  I never knew that before.  She said the riderless horse in a procession is a tribute to fallen soldiers...I hope that one day I will be able to show my gratitude by being in a procession honoring soldiers.  Another tells me just being the best I can be is a tribute in and of itself.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today was the first time that Another has asked me to work on the long line.  I gave her the best I had.  I did a nice calm walk and even a polite trot.  There was no head tossing, pinny ears, or grumpy behavior.  I gave to pressure when asked and got lots of pets and "good boys".
Another always gives me my treat tub before she asks me to do anything.  She knows I love my treats and doesn't want me to feel like my treats are contingent on my behavior.  She wants me to realize that kindness has not strings attached.  While I eat she brushes me, cleans my feet, and massages me a bit.  After I am done eating she halters me up, she bought me a nice blue halter, and takes me for a short walk.  She asks me just to take a few nice steps at a time, it is important that I don't try to get ahead of her.  Another says if I get ahead of her she would get lost and that would worry her, I don't want to worry her so I try to stay right by her.
I also got goo put on my rear today and fly sprayed.  Another told me I was amazing.  Mushboy has given me the nick name Q-Tip, I think I might like that name.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Friday, May 27, 2011


I had visitors today.  The boy in the photo is affectionately known by the horses as Mushboy.  I am not sure why they call him that, but he did give me some cookies tonight.  I was very careful not to crowd him and I loved the scritches he gave me.
The ranch dog came out also.  I don't mind the dog at all.  I did get worried when the dog jumped up on his hind legs and put his front feet in Mushboy's hands.  Mushboy started going backwards and making an odd noise.  I went a bit closer to make sure things were fine.  They didn't look fine to me so I hurried away and got Another's attention.  She realized that I was worried and told Mushboy to stop dancing with the dog.  She also told me she appreciated me being worried about Mushboy, but things were fine and invited me to come see. I came over and stood by her and sniffed the dog and Mushboy over.  Everything was fine.  Another said I am a bit like Freedom, I keep a watch over things.
Another's friend also visited me.  Her friend is a therapeutic riding instructor.  She thought I was a very nice horse.  I gave her lots of attention and snuggles.  Another thinks I am going to be a good therapeutic riding horse and her friend agrees.  I am not sure what a therapeutic riding horse is, but if it is fun I will be good at it.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My first request for Another

"When dancing there is a time to lead, a time to follow, and a time to just sit and watch your partner solo. The trick to keep off each other's toes is knowing when to do what."~Another

Another told me when I arrived that we were going to learn to dance together, she says that dancing can be tricky at times.  Another promised me that she would listen to what I tell her and do her best to meet my requests.  I wasn't too sure about this, I have been talking and not getting through to people very well in the past why should I expect anything different this time.  Of course I may have developed better communication skills so it could be better.  Tonight I gave her my first firm request and it worked.  She has been doctoring my butt for the rub burns I got in the trailer, I do not like it at all.  The past few days even though it hurts a bit to have the goo put on I have been pretty good about it.  Tonight I just couldn't find it in me to let her put on the goo.  The sore spots are scabbed in spots, raw in others, and weepy.  I haven't helped things by rubbing my rear on the scratching post.  When Another got done brushing me she got the goo out.  She let me smell it, she always does. Usually I take a sniff and stay in place. Tonight I pinned my ears (not rude pinny ears though) at the goo and backed up, I haven't done that before.  She put the lid on and set the goo on the ground and I came right back to her.  She brushed me some more and sang "Mighty Quinn" to me.  She picked up the goo again, removed the lid and let me smell it.  I pinned my ears and backed up again.  "Well thanks for letting me know Q", was her response "I guess if my rear was like yours is tonight I wouldn't want someone trying to smear goo on it."  She then put the goo in my QT tub that is by my pasture.  She also gave me one of the special crunchy treats that she hands out to the white horse that glares at me all the time. 
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red, this isn't Cali anymore!

Oh my goodness, this isn't Cali anymore!  Another was out with me early this afternoon when I spotted this animal off in the distance.  She was working on my withers when my head shot up like a rocket.  At first she thought she hit a sore spot, then she realized I had on what she calls my "squirrel" look.  She stood by my head and looked where I was looking and realized I had spotted an odd looking animal.
"Well Quincy, you finally noticed the llama" was all she said and went back to working on my withers.  I looked at the llama, I looked at her, I looked at the llama, and then I looked back at her.  Another stepped away from me and pointed up the hill and told me to go look.  I went up the hill a bit and then looked back at Another.  I wasn't too sure that this animal was safe.  Another walked up the hill and stood with me but I was having trouble getting a really good look.  She walked to the top of the hill, looked back at me and said, "Come on Mighty Q, come see it."  So I went and stood by her.  Another told me I was brave and massaged on my neck while I looked the silly thing over.  I decided that everything was good, after all it couldn't get near my pasture.  We walked back down the hill and Another gave me a smooch good night.
Life is different in the North West...
Oh there was nutmeg in my treat tub tonight, I really liked it mixed in with the rest of the stuff.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Q & A so far

Q and A up to this point:
Quincy has photosensitivity that I am treating with Wound Balm.  Each time I go to doctor his nose Quincy gives me the "Really Another can't you leave my nose alone it hurts?"  Bless his heart he really tries to be good about the whole affair, but he really is fussy about having the area around his mouth bothered.  I am going to address the underlying cause of this by a liver cleanse.  Quincy has been good about taking his Source supplement to address his thyroid condition.
I have also been doctoring his rub burns on his rear while he is unhaltered.  Quincy is a trooper about this.  He never walks off, he doesn't kick at me even though it hurts.  He will swish his tail and just stand in place turning a circle with his rear.
What I have found to this point is a horse who loves people and wants to be loved.  He is sceptical and it will take a person time to earn his confidence.  Once Quincy decides you are worthy of his confidence he will give anything you ask of him.  He has been good about the new people he has encountered here and has shown no aggression or naughty behaviors.
His attention can be easily drawn away from the person with him, especially if the activity is boring or something interesting catches his attention-it then takes a bit of effort to draw him back to you.  He reminds me of the dog from the movie "Up"...squirrel!
Quincy needs to continue to learn to work on a loose lead with a light hand.  His size and energy has worked against him in the past in this area.
I still have so much to learn about Quincy.  He is expressive, sensitive, energetic, loving. and willing to communicate.  He loves being talked to when I am with him.  He seems to enjoy being told what I am doing and why, it appears to give him comfort.  He also loves music.  He is a wonderful way to end my work day.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Take your time

Another says I need to learn to take my time and enjoy my treats. She doesn't give me a lot of treats, just enough to get my supplements down. I will paw, knock my bucket over, shake my head, and do pinny ears while eating my treats. Another has started holding my bucket and if I do pinny ears or throw my head she does the "naughty mommy finger" wiggle and makes me back up. I have to stand nicely and then she invites me back.

"Quincy, there will always be a treat bucket that is just for you and another horse won't be allowed to steal it" Well I guess I will wait and see...I am a bit of a sceptic. So far she has been keeping her word, but it has only been three days.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"


Yesterday was the first day that Another did energy work on me. First I got a massage along my top line. She started at my ears and worked her way to the top of my tail. She had me try some carrot stretches, they didn't go too well. My neck is so tight that I do not bend much, she said my neck is like a board-I think my neck is like a massive oak. After the energy work I was much more flexible.

I did carrot stretches to the left, to the right, and the reached between my knees. Another had to remind me about not snatching treats and to be careful...she pointed out that there was not other horse to try and take them away from me.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not what I really wanted...

So yesterday Another spent much of the afternoon sitting on this mounting block in my pasture. She had a brush, a camera, and a drink. I am not used to people just sitting with me, so it was a bit weird.

She would take breaks and brush me. She also picked my front feet. She never put a halter on me or asked me to do anything-see she is odd. She wondered around the pasture some, I followed her to see what she was doing. Sometimes she would stop, so I would stop-then she would hum and tell me good boy. A couple of times she walked backwards, so I would too-she would smile and pet me telling me how smart I am.

She was very delighted when I tried to drink out of the straw sticking out of her glass. She laughed, hugged me, and gave me a treat. I really could have used a beer after my long trailer ride but Another says we both have to watch our weight.

Another gave me a neck massage and put goo on the trailer burn spots on my rear...still no halter. I wonder if she owns a halter? Maybe she needed to keep the one I came in? I have yet to see her put a halter on any of her horses, strange very strange.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well Hello There

Hello there, my name is Quincy. I get called Q Man, Big Q, and other names on occasion. I just moved from Eureka, California to the center of Washington State. I am living with a lady I call Another. I am calling her that because it seems that I have had so many people in and out of my life. This blog should just be called Q & A...

Another swears I can stay here until I decide to leave...we will see about that.

I am going to keep my friends at Heart of the Redwoods Horse Rescue updated on my quests.

"It's the little things that make a big difference"