Sunday, November 6, 2011

Green eyed monter!

I am usually pretty understanding of things.  I try hard to be nice, cooperative, and to share...really I do.  But this past month has just pushed my limits.  Another has been too busy with her spotted horse, I have not gotten enough time!  Then to top it off there are cows in my pasture who think I should share my hay with them, a couple of charges and swift kicks changed their minds.
Another takes her spotted horse to clinics and out on trail rides.  Then he comes back to the pasture and brags about how he is all that and a bag of chips...makes me upset.  I made it very clear to Another that I am not happy with the situation.  She comes out to see me, I turn my butt to her and walk off.  I know that makes her feel really bad.  I am not sure, other than making her feel bad, I am getting the results I want.  I want her to try to win my affections back.  She just stops, waits, tells me when I am ready she will be there for me and then she leaves the pasture.  I am thinking I may have to cave and let her know I see her waiting for me and I really want to go with her and play.
"It's the little things that make a big difference"

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